Frequently Asked Questions

What is your philosophy?


Furever Friends is a canine club. We are structured differently from dog walking companies. We believe every dog is an individual, just as humans are individuals. Fulfilling a dog’s needs in an urban environment like Hoboken is delicate, constant work. We don’t believe in having a cookie cutter approach to our clients. We believe in long walks. Lots of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization via walking buddies are essential. These are the keys to your dog to being the best version of themselves. A tired dog is a happy & balanced dog!

What are the requirements for becoming a member?

Furever Friends does not accept aggressive dogs. We only accept well socialized and generally friendly dogs into our program. Furever Friends does not accept dogs who attend daycare due to behavior + health reasons. We also require 2 working copies of your keys, a snug fitting harness/collar for your dog and a standard 4 foot leash (no retractables!) 

Would you take my dog to the dog park?

In short: no. We are protective of the well being of our club members. Dog parks more often than not transmit diseases, encourage unbalanced energy/undesirable behaviors and are where most dog bites/fights occur. The same can be said for most daycares. We provide long structured walks that tire your dog out in a manner that is conducive to their mental & physical health. 


Who will walk my dog?


Furever Friends spends a lot of time (and money) finding our talent. Being a dog lover alone doesn’t qualify someone to be a dog caretaker. We look for passionate individuals with a strong mind. We look not only for dedication to animals but to succeed & put 110% in everything they do. Every team member is background checked & heavily trained/vetted. 


How long have you been in business?


We were founded in 2019. Our Clubmaster + Founder Will has been walking dogs in Hoboken for 11 years since 2010. After taking a brief hiatus to work on his dog photography projects in NYC he realized he was finally ready to put his knowledge & experience to use. And Furever Friends was born. 



What is your cancellation policy?


We don’t charge cancellation fees! You can cancel anytime (even same day) without any charge. We do ask that as a courtesy you cancel (by phone, text, or email) at least 3 hours before your scheduled appointment. The only exception is if a team member arrives at your residence for a scheduled appointment to find your dog is not home or does not need their walk. A full service charge applies in this instance.

Why should I choose Furever Friends? (a word from our Clubmaster Will Ferman)

My canine club is not a one size fits all. Unlike many dog care companies, Furever Friends is very niche and our goal is not to be the biggest dog care company. We want to be the best that we can be. Furever Friends does one thing and we do it extremely well. Walks! Our attention is not divided by servicing multiple towns, offering multiple services such as daycare or training. I model myself + my business to serve busy clients with active dogs who need above and beyond service. I really believe in long walks over daycare, dog parks, and play groups. 


I worked for dog walking companies in Hoboken, Jersey City, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Many of these businesses were run by individuals with no experience, knowledge or interest in dogs. Many (not all) owners of dog care companies come from corporate backgrounds and were never on the frontlines as a dog walker. They only see the money to be made with dog walking. They run their businesses accordingly, treating clients, dogs, and staff as means to an end instead of individuals with feelings + needs. They take on every client who inquires and hire individuals with zero dog handling knowledge. 


I've seen the best and the worst the industry has to offer. I always vowed when the day came to start my own dog care company I would focus on being quality over quantity, emphasizing company culture and customer service. This means believing and trusting in my knowledge and morals when it comes to dogs. This means having standards, rules, protocols, + the resolve to strictly abide by them. Is Furever Friends right for you? If what you have read so far on our site resonates with you, then most likely, YES!


This is great! How do I sign up? 


Please fill out our membership application. We will be in touch with you & your furry friend shortly!

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